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Established in Singapore in 2016, Blossom Capital Pte. Ltd. is an independent company, which is designed to bring a new paradigm to the well established Blossom Group that was set up in 1986.

Blossom Group (Singapore Division) was set up in July 2003 with a view to explore prospects of doing business in Singapore after both Singapore and US Governments signed free-trade agreement between the two countries on the 6th May, 2003.

In today’s highly competitive economy, Blossom Group’s single best strategy is in providing customer satisfaction for competitive advantage. We first understand customer requirements and then align organization capabilities in order to better deliver value to our customers. We respond to your needs with our strengths. This approach boosts customer retention, increases customer loyalty and expands referrals, while simultaneously providing better return to shareholder investments.

Our pursuit of technological updates, training roadmaps, support platforms and initiatives are thoughtfully designed to develop our people’s competency. It empowers and motivates them to grow and develop, thereby customizing unique solutions towards financial success, and exceeding the customer expectations at all times.

In Blossom, we are one team with our customers and grow collectively as one. Trust is of paramount importance to us which provides greater growth and excellence. The strong internal bond between Management, Advisers, Associates, Affiliates and our support team in Blossom Group testifies to that.

Working as a global team, we provide an exclusive and comprehensive range of Corporate and Financial Advisory, which includes Portfolio, Asset and Wealth Management, Debt and Equity Re-structuring, Issue and Monetization of Financial Instruments (Promissory Notes, BG, SBLC, etc.), Legal and Trust Services. We also provide Ship Financing and Management Consultancy or any other legal investments and Advisory/Financial Services, as stated in our Group Financial Services Summary to our reputed clients. We are equipped with customization tools to create personalized portfolio and a full range of management solutions, which are catered to run the organization efficiently.

With a deep understanding of social and public sectors, we can effect lasting changes and achieve enduring results through undertaking of initial public offering (IPO) services and transforming dedicated enterprises into publicly traded companies. We have the expertise in eliminating inefficiencies and navigating through critical situations to identify barriers to your pursuit of excellence. We bring improvement through process simplification, effective use of technology, elimination of low to limited value activities, organizational restructuring, working capital management, strategic sourcing, supply chain enhancement, lean manufacturing, and utilizing outsourcing effectively. With our expertise, experience and by leveraging on the collective knowledge within our own group and affiliates, we are able to offer completely independent and trustworthy advice to our clients with a view towards maximizing shareholder return on investments. We exceed the expectations of our clients by engaging professional intermediaries (legal, tax and financial advisors and banks), as required, to achieve the best results. Our rare combination of diverse expertise is our strength in making our clients unswerving to Blossom Group to provide a one stop solution and formulate the best breed financial strategy, provide unbiased corporate advice, and optimize our own resources for deriving the most cost effective management solution.

Lastly, we remain confident to provide the best quality Financial, Corporate Advisory, Management, Legal, Tax compliance and Administrative services to corporations with an international presence and to execute structured Financial, Legal and Tax solutions in accordance with stringent risk and compliance standards.


190 Middle Road
Singapore 188979.
Tel: 65-6244 9290

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