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1. Corporate Advisory

1. Corporate Advisory

We provide strategic, specific and tactical advice customized for execution to public companies, private companies and financial partners across a broad range of industry sectors. Our recognition as an advisor of choice for corporations and financial partners originates from our particular expertise in advising on medium to large complex transactions.

Our close and long term relationship with a few banks and financial institutions backed by our extensive network of equity investors and our top class management team enable us to provide customers with high value-added corporate and financial services.

Our success begins and ends with commitment to delivering world-class client service. We refrain from over promising and under delivering.

Restructuring Company/Holding Company Incorporation

We undertake restructuring of Corporations in order to position the company to be more competitive, tide over the present unfavorable economic condition or poise the corporation to move in a completely new direction or better organized for its current needs.

M&A Advisory

We, as professional advisors, evaluate potential acquisition companies for Mergers & Acquisitions and ensure that every aspect of the transaction is covered and to contribute to a win-win situation between the two merging companies. Like any other opportunities, the timing is of paramount importance; we advise our clients on the timing, followed by comprehensive structure, financing, and valuation of a proposed acquisition. We create 3-5 year strategy and concrete action plans for value creation. After the transaction is closed, we execute a 100 Day Plan and lead post-acquisition programs to maximize shareholder return on investments.

Joint Venture

We evaluate opportunities and bring it to the table of our potential client for a joint venture at times when a client experiences difficulty to manage and grow profitably on their own. We perform SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis of two potential corporates and find out areas where one corporate might want to align their resources with another corporate. Strength and weakness must be complementary benefit for a win-win situation.

Typically, the following are a few of the benefits that corporates can provide to each other in a joint venture business: • Increased Growth and Profitability
• Shared expertise and resources, not excluding research and development
• Access to new markets and distribution channels
• Additional financing strength and hence purchasing power, and
• Overcoming the hurdles of licenses and regulatory requirements.

On the hindsight, we also advise the clients regarding the risks and complications of a joint venture and do our best for the ultimate long-term success of the venture.

Legal Advisory

By leveraging on the collective knowledge within our own group and our network, we provide legal advice from well qualified and experienced lawyers whenever our clients have questions concerning contracts or company laws or need assistance to draw up and optimize company structures.

Trust Services

Our team works closely with the Legal Firm and/or Trust Company for the purpose of administration, management and the eventual transfer of assets to a beneficial party. We or our referred ‘Trust Company’ do not own the assets assigned by our customer, but may assume legal obligation to take care of the assets on behalf of third parties.

2. Financing

2. Financing

Blossom Capital carries out a SWOT Analysis of their potential customers to find the best way to balance risk against performance while taking care of many other trade-offs encountered in the attempt, to maximize shareholder returns on investments.

Equity Financing

We can raise funds for company business activities by selling common (ownership shares) or preferred stock to institutional/individual investors and in lieu of money paid, shareholders receive ownership interests in the company.

Debt Financing

Debt financing happens when a company gets a loan and promises to repay the loan over time, with interest. Debt financing can come from a lender’s loan or from selling bonds to the public. Selling bonds at times is more economical or easier than taking a bank loan. Loans usually require the borrower to offer collateral to guarantee repayment. This is called a secured loan. If the borrower defaults on a secured loan, the lender can take the collateral as repayment.

Our experts carry out a complete analysis of available collaterals such as accounts receivable, real estate, equipment, securities, mortgages and inventory and advise the client to decide the best option for them based on their current situation.

Trade Financing

We facilitate transactions between the Buyers and Sellers of the Goods and Services in liaison with banks and financial institutions.

Debt Restructuring

We undertake debt restructuring of private or public companies facing cash flow problems and financial crisis. Debt restructuring mostly becomes a way of survival when a company has too much of debt and in danger of bankruptcy. Our team can assist to improve or restore liquidity by formulating strategies for negotiation with the Creditors and revising the repayment schedule.

One of the possible ways is through the ‘Debt/Equity Swap Model’, which is beneficial to the creditors because a bankruptcy may result in some debt being discharged. However, under this process a debtor (which is a company) replaces the debt held by one or more of the creditors with a percentage of ownership in the company.

Project & Ship Financing

Our major strength is Project Evaluation due to our experience and expertise. Additionally, we are able to overcome most of the issues easily, not excluding regulatory constraint, lack of funds in particular for new projects, etc. We evaluate and agree on a loan structure with our clients who can support primarily on the projects (including Purchasing of Ships either from the new building shipyard or 2nd hand purchases from another Ship owner) cash flow for repayment of loan, with the assets, rights and interests held as secondary security or collateral.

Loan Syndication with Prime Banks

Syndicated loan at times can alleviate most of the problems of project financing. In syndicated loan, a group of lenders, i.e. multiple financial institutions, collectively extend loans to a single borrower. The same terms and conditions apply to all of the lenders in the syndication, and there is only one loan agreement.

Each transaction is tailor-made for an individual customer, and we negotiate individual loans and lines of credit separately with a few individual banks and/or financial institution and then finalize the terms and conditions (of-course with the full knowledge and agreement with our client) to consolidate banking activities through one syndicated facility.

Asset and Wealth Management and Financial Planning

We first understand our client needs and then assist them in customizing the best-suited investment products based on their age, lifestyle and risk profile. We and our affiliates specialise in developing wealth strategies and implementing effective solutions for our clients and we provide highly personalized services. Our strength is to match the right tailored solutions to each personal need.

Through efficient Financial Planning, we believe our clients can earn extra dollars depending upon their risk appetite for investment. We strongly emphasize our clients that they read the terms and conditions carefully of all recommended products prior to signing on the dotted lines before using the services described herein.

We firmly believe in telling our clients what they need to know and not what you want to hear.

Family Office

Family office means a family-controlled investment group,

We and our close associates offer a full range of Family Office Services including tax and estate planning, risk management, financial counsel, trusteeship, lifestyle management, coordination of professionals, investment advice, and foundation management. We ensure that your wealth is well protected and moves in the right direction. We provide a complete overview on a weekly / monthly basis tailor-made for each client.

There are two types of family offices – single-family and multi-family offices. A single-family office manages the investments and personal affairs/ trusts for one ultra affluent family. A single family office has no definite structure as it is run as per the exact need for the family. A Multi Family Office undertakes such activities for a group of Wealthy Families. A Multi-Family Office typically have a net worth in excess of USD 50 Million. When implemented properly, the mathematics of the hybrid-family office is very impressive. The ability to leverage resources of the single-family office and profit from the multi-family office has so mostly proven very beneficial to all parties. A multi-family office being a single point of contact would streamline and coordinate all your financial matters which in turn will definitely improve your quality of life and save a lot of time and you will also have full control over all your assets globally.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is all about strategizing the investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation for individuals and institutions, and balancing risk against performance in order to achieve success.

Our designated Portfolio managers are highly experienced investors, bankers and/or traders with strong financial management backgrounds and excellent track records of sustained success. We are sure to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation.

Promissory Note/LC/SBLC/BG

A promissory note is a legal financial instrument in which one party (the issuer) guarantees the payment of a specific amount of money, either on demand, or at a set time , to the other (the payee), under specific terms. Unconditional Promissory Note is readily saleable and called a negotiable instrument. Based on clients’ requirements and availability of lines, we can arrange for the issue and/or monetization of these financial instruments in strict compliance with regulatory requirements. It is client specific and each transaction procedure is customized to suit the client's specific needs.

3. Management Consultancy

3. Management Consultancy

Our Management team indicates that only 20 percent of companies accomplish what they want to achieve. We firmly believe that we can help our clients to improve their financial performance and make their organizations better places to work by ensuring the entire organization system is aligned and set up to deliver on the company's objectives. We take a holistic approach to analyze the financial and risk constraints to achieve sustainable business. Our Methodology is as follows:


4. Public Listing

4. Public Listing

Pre-IPO Preparations

We find an easy-to-use reference for planning and executing a successful IPO in order to sustain the company’s future growth. We have the knowledge to bring in the culture of a public company into the minds of the management team, both internally and externally. We assist organizations in selecting the right candidates, who will help prepare the registration and other relevant documents.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Turning an enterprise into a publicly traded company through IPO involves a process of offering securities, which involves common stocks of a privately owned company for sale to the general public. The first time these securities are offered is referred to as an initial public offering. Our involvement starts with a four-week deep dive into the business to surface needs, create a roadmap and then team up with the top management to implement transformational programs and realize tangible results.



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