blossom intl agatisEstablished in Singapore in 2003 to become a trusted partner in providing the maritime market’s most comprehensive business package and consulting to optimize benefits in the field of:

  1. Project Management (tailor made to suit clients’ requirements) – Conversion of vessels from Tanker to FSO and FPSO (also single hull to double hull), Conversion from Bulk-Carriers to Self Loading/ Unloading Vessels on turnkey basis using in -house Project Management Team, Associate Design Companies (and also able to arrange for complete procurement of equipments).

  2. Marine & Offshore Engineering Design

  3. Ship (including offshore vessels) broking (Sale Purchase) & Chartering of Vessels

  4. Ship Finance arrangement for new building and second hand tonnage for specific clients.

In this highly competitive economy of today, Blossom Group’s single best strategy is in providing customer satisfaction for competitive advantage. We first understand customer requirements and then align organization capabilities in order to better deliver value to customers. We respond to your needs with our strengths. This approach boosts customer retention, increases customer loyalty and expands referrals while simultaneously provides better return to share-holders investments.

The Project Management Division runs as an independent division with full support from the Group to derive all the benefits of the Group.

The company has put together a successful acquisition deal for a shipping company (in 2003) in the far-east along with the formation of joint venture ship-owning company with a group in the west. This deal was in the market for nearly five years without any success even by a few major players including shipbrokers. Blossom International is a firm believer that the management of integration is the key factor in the success of acquisition and is also able to assist in merging the cultures of the pre-acquisition companies into one cohesive organization.

Our management team consists of executives of rare-combination of high level professional competence in all spheres of shipping along with good track records of holding positions of high responsibilities such as Director and CEO of reputable and multi–national shipping companies.




190 Middle Road
Singapore 188979.
Tel: 65-6244 9290

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